Security Cameras / DVRS


Video Camera systems and DVR technology play an important part in modern security systems for both residential and commercial clients. Retail facilities need such video surveillance to help thwart shoplifting and internal theft, and camera systems are also used in the inventory warehouses, office locations and more. The threat of an “eye in the sky” by both employees and possible criminals oftentimes is a powerful way to keep your facility secure.

Middletown Security Systems, Inc. (MSSI) can help you make the right selection of video surveillance equipment, to help cover your needs while also keeping in mind your budget. We can assist you with considerations such as using indoor or outdoor cameras, video resolutions, lighting concerns and concealment of the units. Below, we highlight just a few of the popular Video Surveillance and DVR products available.

Contact a Middletown Security Systems, Inc. associate today to go over these and other options that may be right for your peace of mind.