Carbon Monoxide Detectors


There are many dangers associated with carbon monoxide (CO), some of which are short term problems and some of which can be permanently damaging or even fatal. Carbon monoxide poisoning can come about through a number of sources, and these can be everyday items and appliances used within the home or at work.

Once carbon monoxide has been breathed in, it replaces the oxygen in the blood, thus killing off cells and starving vital organs of oxygen. One of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning is death. A large enough dose of this odorless, colorless, tasteless gas can kill within minutes. In fact, people die every year from poisoning without ever knowing what hit them. They simply slip in to unconsciousness and never come around, or they may already be asleep when they breathe in the carbon monoxide and simply never wake up again.

The good news is that CO can be detected and the threat it produces easily eliminated. Middletown Security Systems, Inc. will test your home or office, as well as install Honeywell® Carbon Monoxide detectors wherever necessary. Protect the lives of those you care about most with a solution from Middletown Security Systems today.

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