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Snowbird Home Protection Tips


If you are one of the lucky ones and you get to leave Ohio for the colder winter months, there are some things that you might consider doing before you leave.

If you don’t already have a security system installed in your home now is a good time to have one installed.  We recommend a system that is interactive so you can view activity remotely while you are away.

See our Remote Security area on our website and click Total Connect HomeAutomation

Along with a professionally installed monitored security system it is a good idea to add smoke detectors to your system.  Middletown Security Systems, Inc. does not charge anything additionally on the monitoring once you add these additional components.  This is a good idea even if you are not away for many months each year.

You also might consider adding a high/low temperature monitor to your system.  This device will send a signal to the central station when the temperature in your home reaches a certain predetermined temperature.  If your HVAC system stops working and the temperature drops low enough to freeze pipes, you will be thankful that you added this device to your system.

If your home has a sump pump, adding a sump pump monitor can save you from the costly repairs of a flooded basement.  We also can put water sensors near hot water heaters or any other water source in your home.  Again, if the sensor trips our central station will receive a signal and contact you or anyone on your contact list.

Did you know that you can have an app on your phone and see what is going on in your home while you are away?  With this app you can arm and disarm your system and even keep track of when your alarm is disarmed.  Your system will need to communicate through the AlarmNet network and additional monthly costs are involved after installation. Once you add this connectivity to your system you will wonder how you ever did without it before.

Feel free to contact us at (513)423-1065 or (800)635-1397 and we can explain any of this in more detail with you.

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